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Peony flowers are one of the most popular blooms for weddings, featuring a large, divine flower with one head per stem, usually of a similar size to a hydrangea.  Many ruffled petals form the large round bloom.   Peonies are great for wedding bouquets and arrangements.  Short season only. (Spring: best in November but can also be available in early December.)

What colors do Peonies come in?

Peonies come in a wide range of colours, perhaps the most popular being soft and hot pinks as well as whites, cream and bright and deep reds. You can also get port wine and, as well, yellow peonies (often a creamy kind of yellow). You can source purple and lavender varieties also.

Peonies: The Most Popular Kid In School

You remember the prettiest girl in high school? The one all the boys went gooey-eyed for and all the girls wished they could be?  The delicate, soft, elegant one that stands out in the crowd… Well, in the flower world, that’s the peony: Pretty in pink and voted queen of the prom every year!

The thing about this flower is that they are so undeniably gorgeous and know how to keep everybody wanting more by only coming into season briefly in Australian spring, typically through November.

The peony starts out in a tight bud, loosen up as the bloom to reveal a fluffy lushness that looks simply divine and drives brides wild with flower-lust.

Wikipedia says that the peony is popular in tattoos and were at one time so popular in China – where they are the national flower no less – they sold for thousands of dollars per bloom! The flowers can get to be as big as ten inches across and also have a vibrant and sweet scent. The bush can bloom for up to a century and are also prized in Asia for their medicinal properties.

The Eternal Aesthetic Appeal of Peonies

While other flowers come and go, the peony just never seems to go out of style. Some say that their beauty lies in their outsized dimensions: huge, round, petals abundant, spilling out of the vase. Gardeners love the longevity of the plant. The range of colours could be part of the near-eternal appeal of this flower – everything from white to deep port wine. Event and wedding designers love the showy, flamboyant nature of this bloom; it speaks of abundance and wealth and glamour and verve, but also to ladylike genteel sensibilities; soft and delicate and feminine.

Peonies in Wedding Flowers

When peony season hits its peak, the wedding season in Australia is under way.  Pink peonies are the favourites but other colours come and go with fashion palette trends and what needs to match in with colour combinations for bridesmaids.

The peony flower traditionally represented a happy marriage, splendid health, financial riches and good luck in general which has lead to prominence as a wedding flower but besides that, they are just so profoundly beautiful that they just seem to be everybody’s favourite.

The petals that unfurl are so feathery and divinely soft, reminiscent of classical Victorian and Edwardian frills and lace,.

Do peonies have a fragrance?

Not all of them have a strong scent but some have a smell that will take your breath away, finding you across the other side of a garden or room.   Some have a ‘rosey’ smell; others give off spices, citrus or sweet aromas to delight the nose.

How long do peonies last as cut flowers?

Peonies will last longer in water than most examples of the ubiquitous rose. Some varieties are fragile when cut (quick to fall apart or die) however others are far more robust (Sarah Bernhard or Coral Charms, for example). If you just stick your fresh blooms in a vase and leave it at that, you might expect 6 to 10 days at best, but there are ways and means to extend the life of your cut flowers. One trick is to cut your flower as it is just starting to open (but still isn’t open). This is called the ‘marshmallow stage’ as the bud is soft and spongy like the candy. From there you can place the buds in the fridge to slow the opening time down. Obviously, the more open the flower is when you cut or receive it, the less vase life you can expect. Similarly, the more heat and the less water the flowers are exposed to, the sooner they will die.

How long do peonies last once they start blooming?

Peonies will usually be reported as lasting from seven to ten days once they bloom. The bloom time will be longer when it is cooler but abundant when it is hot, even if the profusion lasts for less time. If you are a gardener and want to see these beauties brightening up your yard for longer then there is hope. The thing to do is to plant an array of different varieties because they will not all bloom at the same time.

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Peony Flowers Adelaide

The peony flower is feminine and fluffy and while trends come and go, peonies never go out of style.  Featuring large, beautiful blooms that abundantly burst forth in spring, they traditionally symbolise good fortune and a happy marriage.

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